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MJ Law

Cannabis in Nevada

For Recreational Marijuana In Nevada?, Nevada Public Radio/KNPR  Law & Order (2016-11-09). "Several states just legalized recreational marijuana". Business

what-do-new-marijuana-laws-mean-for-employee-drug-testing-54629376What Do New Marijuana Laws Mean for Employee Drug Testing?
from cleartest, ago in | In the wake of recent medical marijuana legislation, many citizens are confused about their rights in the workplace. Due to federal law, an employee may chance being fired for a positive drug test, even if they have a medical marijuana prescription. This presentation offers tips for understanding the new laws, and how to keep your rights protected.

MJ Law

Las Vegas Medical Marijuana

Las Vegas Medical Marijuana refers to a government-sanctioned program in Nevada allowing individuals suffering from chronic conditions to legally consume

adult-use-of-medical-marijuana-guide-to-using-it-properlyAdult use of medical marijuana guide to using it properly
from sergiomcgeez, ago in
When medical marijuana is taken responsibly, it has a lot of health benefits to the user. That is why a good number of states in the U.S and some countries across the globe have legalized its use for medicinal purposes. There are different types of strains of marijuana to choose from, all which provide different effects. Ways of consuming this substance have also grown dramatically over the past few years. You do not necessarily need to smoke it to get it into your system.

MJ Law

American Medical Marijuana Association

American Medical Marijuana Association (AMMA) is an organization formed to promote and protect the legal access to medical marijuana. The American Medical Marijuana

statebystate-medical-marijuana-statuesState-by-State Medical Marijuana Laws [Infographic]
from HireRight, ago in
Twenty six states, plus the District of Columbia and Guam, have passed statutes enacting comprehensive public medical marijuana and cannabis programs. In most states, medical marijuana patients must see a physician, then apply to the state program, pay a fee, and receive a medical marijuana ID card that enables them to purchase marijuana products at sanctioned dispensaries. The states shaded on the map below, as indicated in the key, have decriminalized medical marijuana to some degree, but many still afford employers wide discretion over how to handle marijuana usage among employees. Some states have statutes prohibiting adverse employer actions and discrimination against medical marijuana card holders. Some states require accommodation for employees who use medical marijuana, but no states require employers to accommodate on-duty use. Review the map below to determine the general statutes in your state(s) regarding medical marijuana.